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Hello and Namaste! I am glad you are here.

Whether you are a professional Bansuri bamboo flute player, a Bansuri lover or a's the good news! You just may have reached the place you have been looking for to buy beautifully crafted and precisely tuned concert quality bamboo Hindustani Bansuri and South Indian Carnatic flutes.

Anubodh Baansuri's are well appreciated by musicians, enthusiasts and students all over the world. They may be from India, Europe, Japan, Australia or the U.S.A. - they love their Anubodh bansuri for its rich tone, ease of playing and trueness of pitch over the whole range of instrument. Check out what they are saying!

These Bansuri's are not available at any music stores and my endeavor through this web site is to reach as many discerning Bansuri lovers as possible. When you order a bansuri with me - I do not reach into some back shelf and pull a ready made one out for you - I custom make it for you! So that it suits your playing needs the best.

You will find good amount of general and specific information on my professional grade Indian Classical Concert Bansuri bamboo flutes here. And yes! you can buy them online right here.

Anubodh Bansuri Flutes are:

  • Made just for You: Free basic customization.
  • Built  using only seasoned prime-grade bansuri bamboo from India. 
  • Perfectly tuned to concert pitch.
  • Provided with 7th or 8th tone hole for better tonality in higher registers and extended range of playing.
  • Tuned to reference pitch A440 normally or as per customer specification.
  • Built in 31 sizes,tonic pitch tonic pitch Sa = A3 bass 220Hz (Pa = 'E3') to Sa = D#6 treble 1245Hz (Pa at 'A#6') (in length from 40 inches to 10 inches approx.). Yes, now Shankh (super bass) bansuri is also available!
  • Each baansuri uniquely handcrafted, hand finished and reinforced by detailed string binding.
  • Built with promise of quality: Backed by Money Back Guarantee.

I keep updating the web site frequently so please visit again.

In the meantime if you have any questions, write to me at and I will get back to you promptly.


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