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Though at times I do have a couple of bansuri's in stock, most of my bansuri flutes are made against your order and therefore it is easy for me to custom- build a bansuri for you with your preferences in mind.

When I make a flute for you I welcome you to provide me with some basic information about your level of expertise and the largest size/ type of flute you play currently. Of course, if you are a complete beginner that's absolutely fine too. This information helps me build a bansuri that will cater to your playing needs the best.

I provide basic customization on all my flutes without any additional cost.

The basic customization includes

  • choice of bore size - thin, medium or large
  • choice of hole sizes - small, medium or large
  • orientation of bansuri - left or right-handed
  • choice of color for the thread bindings
  • comfort layout of the holes to reduce wrist stress
  • pitch up or down slightly from the reference of A=440 Hz to suit your blowing style

For a nominal additional cost I can provide customized bansuri with -

  • custom layout of holes as per your specs.
  • tuning to a custom scale as per your specs.
  • extra thread bindings
  • lip-plate (please see Neo-Bansuri for details)
  • 8th hole (please see Shuddh Madyam Bansuri:
    8-hole Bansuri
    for details)
  • reference pitch other than A=440Hz
  • pancham (pa) thumb hole

This list is surely not exhaustive and likely I can build a customized bansuri for you with almost any other feature you can think of.

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