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Bansuri Catalog & Ordering

Take your pick - choose your bansuri from the catalog of my Standard Concert Bansuri given further down on this page. Or order your Custom-built Bansuri by using order form.

If you would like to order South Indian Carnatic flutes - please visit my Carnatic flutes page.

To buy a standard bansuri click on the corresponding "Buy Now" button in the catalog and make your payment through Paypal. In case you prefer to pay by means other than Paypal, click here for alternate payment methods. If you want to order more than one flute, please use the order form to save on shipping cost.

Standard Bansuri

Ranging from the biggest, which is a whopping 40 inch long flute tuned with tonic (Sa) at A Super bass (220Hz), to a pocket size 10 inch murliwith Sa at D# High (1245Hz), my concert bansuri flutes are built in 31 sizes. The standard configuration Bansuri is a right-handed seven tone hole side-blown bamboo flute. The tonic note SA is at first 3 finger-holes closed, as is the tradition. Please see my interactive fingering chart for clarity. The bansuri's listed in the catalog down below are Standard bansuri's. A standard Bansuri has binding at two points - top and bottom. Some of the images in the catalog may have custom bindings - at more than two points

Though at times I do have a couple of bansuri's in stock, most of my bansuri flutes are made against your order and therefore it is easy for me to custom- build a bansuri for you with your preferences in mind.

When I make a flute for you, I welcome you to provide me with some basic information about your level of expertise and the largest size/ type of flute you play currently. Of course, if you are a complete beginner that's absolutely fine too. This information helps me build a bansuri that will cater to your playing needs the best.

I provide basic customization on all my flutes without any additional cost. Please see the column on the right for more information.

For a nominal additional cost, I can make customized bansuri to your detailed specifications also. Please see the column on the right for more information.

An example of a custom-made bansuri: You can have your new Anubodh baansuri tuned to your favorite scale.

Example of custom-scale bansuri:
Say instead having a Bansuri flute tuned to the usual
Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni (Raag Kalyan scale)
Standard G bass Bansuri
have it tuned to
Sa re GA ma Pa dha Ni (Raag Bhairav scale)
Custom Bansuri - Bhairav scale

This way you could avoid/reduce half-holing for some time more and move on to playing faster passages/ tan-paltas e.g. in Raag Bhairav, Raag Puriya Kalyaan etc. A great way to start savoring the joy of playing difficult to finger raga's on Bansuri till the the time one becomes proficient in playing half notes.

To order a custom-built bansuri as per your specifications, please use the order form to specify your requirements and I will get back to you promptly with the price and payment link.

For international orders: Please note that for deliveries outside of the U.S.A., custom duty/ VAT/other taxes etc., as applicable in the country of the delivery, shall be borne by the buyer.

Anubodh Bansuri Catalog

Solution Graphics
Flute No. Tonic Pitch (Sa) The note produced with the first three finger holes closed Key Pitch (Pa) The note produced with the first six finger holes closed Picture
(Click on pictures to view larger image)

Approx. Length
in inches*

in US$
Add to Cart
1 Bass
F# 38 320   
2 C G  Bansuri Bass C 36 310   
3 C# G# 35 300   
4 D A  Bansuri Bass D 34 280   
5 D# A#  Bansuri Bass D# 32 265   
6 E B  Bansuri Bass E 30 255   
7 F C  Bansuri Bass F 28 245   
8 F# C#  Bansuri Bass F# 27 240   
9 G D  Bansuri Bass G 26 230   
10 G# D#  Bansuri Bass  G# 24 225   
11 A
E  Bansuri Bass  A 23 220   
12 A# F  Bansuri Bass  A# 22 215   



F#  Bansuri Medium B 21 205   
14 C G  Bansuri Medium C 20 195   
15 C# G#   19 190   
16 D A  Bansuri Medium D 18 180   
17 D# A#   17 170   
18 E B   16 160   
19 F C   15 150   
20 F# C#   14 145   
21 G D  Bansuri Medium G 13 140   
22 G# D#   12 140   
23 A E  Bansuri Medium A# 12 130   
24 A# F   11 125   



F# 11 120   
26 C G   11 120   
27 C# G#   10 120   
28 D A   10 120   
29 D# A#   10 120   

* The images and length indicated  are only for reference purposes. Color schemes and number of binding threads and actual length of the Bansuri may be different from the ones shown above.

Flute Bags / Cases

For upkeep and protection of your Bansuri flute, it is advisable to store it in a bag or a case. I have beautiful high quality cloth drawstring flute bags available in 3 sizes -

  • Size 1, length 24", for flutes up to C med.(flute#14),
  • Size 2, length 36", for flutes up to E bass (flute#6)
  • Size 3, length 42", for larger flutes.

The prices for these are: 20, 25 and 30 US$ respectively. Please click on the 'Buy Now' button to purchase a flute bag. If you are ordering your flute bag with a Bansuri, please use the order form to request a total and save on shipping.

*Flute bag color and design may vary depending upon availability at the time.


Glossary of terms

Reference Pitch: It is the frequency in reference to which frequencies of other notes are derived. For most musical instrument tuning, it is taken to be 440 Hz (note 'A') at 70deg.Farenheit or 21deg.Celsius. Pitch of Bansuri, like most wind instrument, drops with a drop in temperature and vice-versa.
Key Pitch: Pancham or Pa in Indian terminology. The note produced with the first six finger holes closed.
Tonic Pitch: Shadaj or Sa in Indian terminology. The note produced with the first three finger holes closed.
Murli: A small / high pitched Bansuri, generally speaking.
Right-handed: This is the most common way of holding Bansuri with the right hand controlling the lower holes and the left the upper ones.
Bilawal Scale: All the notes are in their 'natural' form. Equivalent of western major scale.
Bonding Thread: Decorative thread used to reinforce Bansuri to protect it against cracking.
Tan-Paltas: Exercises to gain proficiency at playing fast passages.

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