Namaste and welcome!

I am very happy that the much awaited, revamped, revised and modernized version of my website is finally here. It is the first major update of the site since 2008.

Packed with so many more pictures, sound clips and videos, there is also a lot of new and revised information on my flutes and on Indian classical music in general. Don't forget to check out the brand new section of World Flutes, featuring three original new designs of flutes with exciting sounds and ways of playing.

Most of all, the flute catalog section is fully redesigned and freshly formatted. Besides having audio/video clips for all major pitches, it provides information about the specialty and application of each pitch along with complementary flute pitches. The flute customization module lets you add/change features to customize your flute to suit your requirements and liking.

I hope that you will enjoy the new look and find the information presented here helpful. If you have any comments or suggestions for further improvement, please send me a message. I will appreciate your inputs:-} - Anubodh


Configure, customize and order your individually designed and crafted concert quality north indian Hindustani Bansuri bamboo flutes, south Indian Carnatic flutes and custom-tuned flutes right here. For over last decade and a half, Anubodh bamboo flutes have come to be well recognized all over the world by professional musicians, enthusiasts and students for their outstanding workmanship, rich tone, precise intonation, ease of playing and trueness of pitch over the whole range of the instrument. Check out what they are saying!

My bansuris/flutes are not available through any retail outlets. Made in 31 pitches - from 40 inch long A shankh (super bass) to a 10 inch D# piccolo, each bansuri is built for YOU from scratch to provide you with the best fit for your level of expertise and playing aspirations. For each flute I use prime quality, well-seasoned Indian bamboo and craft it with individual attention. I diligently, and joyfully, strive to meet your needs and expectations. And hopefully exceed them.

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Carnatic Flute
Carnatic bansuri bamboo flute

Pulangoil, Venu, Karnatic flute, Pullanguzhal are some of the many names given to this unique eight-hole south Indian flute. It is commonly referred to as Carnatic or Karnatik or Karnatic flute based ...

Neo Bansuri
Neo bansuri bamboo flute

Neo-Bansuri combines the organic function and sound of traditional bamboo Bansuri with superior acoustics of the western concert flutes head joint design. It is not a bansuri with just a lip-plate slapped on - it is designed from scratch with specific selection of bamboo type and dimensions to complement the altered acoustic ...

World Flutes
Custom bansuri bamboo flute

Here are some absolutely new and innovative flute designs with amazing sound, tunings and ways of playing! A result of several years of my joyful toying with new ideas. Be sure to check them out.

Bansuri Care

bansuri care

There a few maintenance tips you can follow to ensure a long and mellifluous life of your Bansuri. Protect your flute from shocks - physical and thermal. Wipe the bore dry after a playing session. Oil your Bansuri...

What’re They Saying!

Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia
World renowned Bansuri maestro.

The best flutes I have ever played! Thank you, Anubodh, for making them for me and my family.

Raga Music

raga music

Now what is a raga... well, it could be a hard thing to explain. Though apparently following fixed modes, ragas should not be mistaken as mere modes or scales. A raga is a precise, subtle and profoundly aesthetic melodic ...

Bansuri wisdom
Bansuri Wisdom

When you play Bansuri, don't think that you are playing an instrument, think that you are singing!
Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia