Shuddh Madhyam Bansuri : The 8-hole Bansuri

7th and 8th hole on bansuri

The Shuddh Madhyam (8-hole Bansuri) is almost identical to my standard 7-hole bansuri, except that it is a bit longer and has an additional 8th hole at the bottom. The speciality of this Bansuri is that

  • it allows you to go down by a 1/2 note lower than the 7-hole Bansuri : that is to mean that you can go down to Shuddh Madhyam (ma) in the lowest octave.
  • Better tronal balance betwen the low and high notes.
  • Hitherto impossible meend (glide) between 'ma' and 'Pa' is achievable

Shuddh Madhyam Bansuri is similar to the standard 7-hole bansuri in how it has 6 tone holes to be played with fingers and the 7th hole with pinkie finger (in flutes up to A bass) or knee ( in case of larger flutes). In addition it has an 8th hole which is also operated with knee (always itogether with the 7th).

Even though this flute is a little longer in size, it does not demand any additional stretch on the fingers as the extra length adds up below the 6th fingerhole.

This bansuri configuration has been very well received and is now preferred by many players. You can order any of my bansuri's in this style. If you would like to have you next bansuri in this exciting configuration - just choose this option in the paid customizations section of the flute and add to cart.