What Are They Saying

Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia
Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia

The best flutes I have ever played! Thank you, Anubodh, for making them for me and my family.

World renowned Bansuri maestro. www.Hariji.org
Pandit G.S.Sachdev
Pandit G.S.Sachdev

I love the flute you made. You are a great flute maker!

Renowned Bansuri Virtuoso Performer and Teacher. www.gssachdev
Deepak Ram
Deepak Ram

Dynamic curve, shading range, chromatic accuracy, a robust lower octave and a softer higher range are fundamental to what i need in a bansuri. Anubodh’s Bansuri’s delivers this and much more. His research in bansuri acoustics is extensive and ongoing, which augurs well for even more amazing instruments in the future.....

Renowned virtuoso Bansuri player. Versatile performer, composer. Senior disciple of Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. www.deepakram.com
John Wubbenhorst
John Wubbenhorst

Anubodh's bansuris are simply the best. I also like that I can speak to him and get custom features on a particular instrument. He has also helped many of my students. It helps that he himself plays bansuri and that he has such a deep attunement to this music.

An eclectic musician, performer, teacher and a leading east/west composer. Studied with the great bansuri maestro Hariprasad Chaurasia and has two degrees from the Rotterdam Conservatorium in world music. www.johnwubbmusic.com.
Flute Raman Kalyan
Flute Raman Kalyan

in my 40 years of flute playing, the precision, the extra care, the right tuning and the artistic attitude that Anubodh brings to flute making is unmatched. I have known him for over a decade and have bought scores of flutes from him for myself and my students. And I can say that he really pours his heart, mind and soul in each flute. This, his flutes speak, or rather sing, for themselves.

Renowned Carnatic flute virtuoso performer, composer, collaborator and educator. Senior disciple of late Dr. Flute Ramani. www.ramankalyan.com
Shashank Subramanyam
Shashank Subramanyam

Brilliant flute maker! Absolutely wonderful flutes! Over the years Anubodh ji has helped translate my ideas and expectations of sound quality by building flutes with wide tonal range, acoustic coloring and easier mechanics. I highly recommend his flutes to my students and flute players around the world.

Renowned exponent of bamboo flute. www.shashank.org
K.R. Subramanyam
K.R. Subramanyam

I have been buying Anubodh’s flutes for many years both for myself and for my students. The flutes are high quality, with perfect pitch, and easy to play. My students especially love these flutes because of the ease of playing and the perfection of the swara sthana and the alignment of the higher and lower octaves. I enthusiastically recommend Anubodh’s flutes.

Senior disciple of Dr. N. Ramani
Mysore Chandan Kumar
Mysore Chandan Kumar

A well tuned flute is a basic requirement of every Flutist.A good tone is an added gift. Often this is considered to be a standard parameter to access a Flute. On a personal front, I practicing and performing indian classical music over three decades find it very hard to have a Flute with much more subtle peripherals along with the Sruti Shuddhi/pitch alignment, Sthaayi Shuddhi/octvaves alignment and Nada Shuddhi/embouchure placement being the basic requirements. It is a rarity to get the Anu Swaras or the micro tones and the Ghana-naya aspect or the dynamics along with the above mentioned basic features. Unlike 12 chromatic notes in western classical music,South Indian classical music involves 22 shrutis or the 22 micro tones which is the hallmark of our ancient art system! To have all these settled- sublime facilities in an indian classical musical instrument is the hardest thing and a mandatory aspect for a sensitive professional performer.

Years of understanding and intense research would be the fruit of such creation - Sri Anubodh has acquired that excellence and artistry to carve such Flutes with all these magnificent features. His understanding of the instrument-'Flute' is deep. Playing his Flutes gives me a wholesome experience of a full circle. Every Flute is elegantly hand crafted; The finishing of each hole and binding of threads is a piece of art Par-excellence.

 I highly recommend Sri Anubodh Flutes to everyone. I extend my heart felt gratitude for making incredible Flutes for me and I wish to have many more in the days to come. May the Divine shower him all the laurels.

Renowned Carnatic Flute performer. www.flutechandan.com
Prasad Bhandarkar
Prasad Bhandarkar

Anubodh's bansuri is a treat for a bansuri connoisseur. It goes well beyond the basics (tuning, ergonomics etc.) and it is very obvious that a lot of thinking has gone into making the bansuri. Well done Anubodh and thanks.

Bansuri performer and teacher. Senior disciple of Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia www.bansuriflute.com
Erwin Van Gorp
Erwin Van Gorp

Over last many years Anubodh has made a lot of flutes for me. Anubodh's flutes are like a piece of art, very good in tune and easy to play. The big thing is that when you have special questions, he is listens, thinks deeply about it and makes a flute adapted to your style; your body; whatever you want…amazing. Recently, I received a flute of Anubodh; a D bass flute totally adapted to my hands. I flute my way on this flute and directly tears come…I discovered how to whistle with my fingers on this new flute …I felt really proud about my flute maker ! And also because of him I live the flute way.

Accomplished Professional Western Flute and Bansuri Player, Student of Hariji at Rotterdam Conservatorium www.erwinvangorp.be/
Sanjay Iyer
Sanjay Iyer

Anubodh is a remarkable flute maker. In my several decades of acquiring and playing flutes, he stands alone as someone who brought a modern approach to making flutes. Anubodh has reinvented the humble bansuri, and his craftsmanship shines through in the resonant timbre, the precise tuning, and the incorporation of innovations like the neo-bansuri. I derive great pleasure from playing his flutes, and commend him highly.

Sanjay has studied bansuri with Padma Vibhushan Pt Hariprasad Chaurasia. He is currently studying North and South Indian music with the musicologist, performer, and teacher extraordinaire, Sriram Parasuram.
Claus Rückbeil
Claus Rückbeil

Anubodh’s flutes are fantastic. They sound full and rich with the same tone quality over the whole range! And have a an incredible ergonomic design - no problem for the fingers - even with very large flutes. Among other flutes, I have also a C#-Bass Neo-Bansuri from him - which is really very easy to play. The intonation is absolutely perfect - fits for indian classical (more just intonation) and at the same time perfect  to improvise in Jazz-Style (different tonalities on the same flute) which I do like a lot :-). I love them!

Claus Rückbeil is a Jazz-Guitarist, Bansuri-Player and the director of Jazzschule Berlin. www.jazzschule-berlin.de
John Phillip Rush
John Phillip Rush
Yes, I have received the wonderful bansuri. It plays beautifully. The tone of the flute is amazing. It is warm, mellow, and might I say creamy. The tuning is really great as well. Thanks so much.
Principal Flute, Tulsa Symphony Orchestra Instructor of Flute, University of Tulsa Instructor of Flute, Oral Roberts University
Rebecca Jeffreys
Rebecca Jeffreys

I got my flute and it’s absolutely beautiful! I can’t believe how much body and volume it has!

Flute Lecturer, St Anselm College www.rebeccajeffreys.com
Dr. Kerry Kriger
Dr. Kerry Kriger

I first met Anubodh in the mid-2000’s and have been playing his bamboo flutes ever since. Anubodh is my favorite bansuri maker because his flutes are well-tuned, have nice tone, feel good on the fingers, last a long time, and have properly placed 7th and 8th holes (which make the bansuri far more versatile). Anubodh made the bansuri I have played nearly every day for the past eight years. I have taught with it in nearly all of my bansuri tutorial videos and I expect it to play it for many years to come. If you are dedicated to bansuri and plan to play regularly, do yourself and your audience a favor and get yourself a bansuri made by Anubodh.

Bansuri Bliss Founder www.bansuribliss.com

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Alejandro Aguilar

already recived the bansuri. I´m so grateful about your job and your colaboration. I hope the Divine bless your job and all your life. thank you, with gratitude    

Bill F.
I've received the new "G" bansuri you made for me and have now had a few days to play it. I'm quite happy with it, thank you. The quality of your work is excellent and you clearly have an artistic touch. I'm also very pleased to find that the pitch matches my shakuhachi flute embrasure well. This is the first bansuri I've gotten that is on A=440 pitch without my having to force and bend the pitch to get it in tune.
Liz M.

Thank you so much, it’s really beautifully made and sounds, feels and smells amazing!

Prasad Bhandarkar

Got the bansuri and fell in love with it immediately. It is absolutely exquisite and worth the wait. Thanks for everything,


..I really have to compliment you on its workmanship. it is by far the best of all i have seen and played in the couple of years since i have been learning. the details such as the burned and beveled edges at both ends and the glass like finishing around the finger holes are magnificent not to mention the work done inside the bansuri itself!, all lends to a pleasant experience while playing. so smooth and clear, the sound quality is amazing! i will definitely keep this one and later i will order others i am sure. i am very glad to have found you.  thanks for your good work.

Sandy Diaz

My son is very happy with his new flute and is slowly adjusting to the different fingering and wonderful sounds. Thank You. 

Paul R

I have recieved the bansuri flute and it sounds awesome......can't wait to record it! I love the tonal qualitites and the way you can bend the notes ...I'm going to get somuch enjoyment out of it. 

Ken Chi

Thank you and I have received the flute last week, sound is beautiful, thank you for your work! Will enjoy my journey very much with it. 


I just realized I havn't told you how the flute was. Now I have had it for a while and it really plays great. The tone is quite abit darker than I was used to from my old one, so it took alittle time to readjust. The thing that stands out for me is the evenness of tones from low to high octave. It's also much smoother when bending notes and the blowing hiss that bugged me on my old one is not there. Thanks alot for a great flute


The flute arrived today...thank you so much! It is very beautiful, and I am making a few sounds. I really look forward to learning. The bag and colors are beautiful...thank you so much! 

Nitya Bernard

 the flute is excellent. I thankyou so much for your help, integrity and skills. It has been a worthwhile experience for me of worthwhile internet trading, especially when there has been unintentional problems. So Anubodh, a final (well until a probable next order) thanks and best wishes

Dean S.

 The instrument arrived today. Very nicely done.Thank you.


omg i love the bansuri, the sound is fantastic and it looks awesome, truly an amazing bansuri you made, it's perfect 

Chris Mombauer

today i received the Bansuri. It's a wonderfull instrument. The first impression is very good. It has much more resonance than the Bass-Bansuri (Sa : Eb) i play now. My head and chest are full of vibration if i play, amazing. Thank you and greetings 

R. Blyman

 I really enjoy playing the flute you sent me.  GREAT tone and intonation!  It's nice the way the lighter bamboo vibrates in my hands.  Plays easily into the 3rd octave ga komal, I can more often then not get the elusive 3rd octave ni komal 


I am very happy with my new bansuri. What a clean and clear sound. The craftmanship is outstanding and I am so thankful to have discovered you. I will certainly purchase from you only in the future. Thanks again,

Radhakrishanan R.

 was amazed at the workmanship and precision of the instrument. The lower and middle half octaves sound great and the flute is so soft on my fingers. I am amazed that the flute is responding wonderfully to all the little finger movements for embellished gamakA and BhAvA... I am amazed at their quality and I haven't seen any other better carnatic flutes in my life time. Simply wonderful with the exact pitch I was looking for,the right hole dimensions that my fingers can comfortably playon, great sound with no air and ...what can I say..Hats off to you..Great job! http://www.youtube.com/flutekrishnan 


The flute arrived today and it is lovely! Thank you for such a wonderful Bansuri! I also love the color of the bindings! Thank you very much. If I run into someone who is looking for a Bansuri you will be the first person I recommend! Cheers, 

A. Krishnakumar

Received the flutes this evening. Neo carnatic flute has a really nice tone. The other G bass carnatic flute is also very good. Thanks,                         

Hari G.
I used your flute during a small concert I had performed back in India. I should say that the flute is excellent in terms of clarity of sound and precision of notes. The precision of tharasthayi panchamam (top pa) is some thing you will find only rarely. Thank you very much for making such a nice flute for me.
Pasquale de martino

yesterday the package is arrived!!!
Very well packaged, beautiful Flutes, wonderful sound, you are a great professional flute maker!!! .Always wonderful Bansuri!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!


Sorry I haven't written back sooner.  I received the D med. bansuri not long ago.  It's absolutely wonderful!  Stunning intonation & what a beautiful, rich timbre!  Now I have to begin learning some Indian bansuri music in addition to all the other types of music I play!  :)   Thank you again & take care.  I wish you the best in all your future flute making & playing!  If I ever find anyone looking for a bansuri, I will definitely recommend they contact you first!

Ermis Savvantoglou

I found the best flute maker! Your flute is a joy to play. From a technical point of view I never thought such a long C# bass bansuri could be so well in tune and comfortable to play. In fact, its warm-toned, rich in harmonics sound makes it the best flute I played so far. I feel very lucky. Be sure I’ll let my colleagues know of your craftsmanship.


My flute arrived today. THANK YOU! It is beautiful. The flute sounds beautiful, I cannot wait to play some more. I will definitely be purchasing a couple more flutes from you peace,                         


Megan Loves her Bansuri. Thanks. She's looking at the C flute version ( Maybe a Christmas present). Cheers  

Julien Moretto

hi, i do receive the flute she is very very good so thank you very much...namaste 

Prashanth N

Thanks for the great carnatic flute. 


the flutes and the bag arrived, here, monday morning. very nice. they have a well-focused & full tone, and are very much in tune from one end to the other. not fuzzy-sounding, like some instruments. the half-holed notes do quite well. & they look & feel fine. i will send you a couple of recorded examples, maybe next week. i will want a few more instruments, eventually. thank you, 

Kritika M.

I just received my flute yesterday and it's amazing. I am already in love with it. I spent all night yesterday playing and I even woke up early today to play. The flute is even better than I had expected it to be. THANK YOU SOO Much! I wouldn't have found a better bansuri elsewhere. Thanks for your time and if I ever need another, I will definetly order from you again. Take care.

Morten Steenbach

It's beautiful - and it fits me much better - so I'm happy:-) All the best!


my flute very beautiful. thank you very much :)) 

Josh M.

The bansuri you sent me is absolutely wonderful in every way. What a piece of art! Thanks for your time, patience and advice. I really felt I got just what I wanted. I hope to see you up on the Vineyard sometime. Best wishes.

Surya H.

Thank you for the beautiful bansuri you built!! Like your promise it is simply beautiful, perfect in tune and beautiful bamboo too. I am almost speechless with it. If I will order a bansuri again I will order it from you. Keep you work good.


It’s so beautiful and a real work of art It sounds so nice! Many Thanks.

Toshiya Ishida

Such a beautiful flute!!! Thank you very very much. 

Antti L.

The flute arrived yesterday. I am quite pleased with it. Thank you Jani, Finland Dear Anubodh, Works fine! Thank you 

Sandip Chaudhari

 I received the bansuri yesterday. It is one of the most mellifluous, soulful musical object I have ever played! Thank you very much. Best Regards, 

Daniel Trail

  ... it does sing beautifully.  I am very impressed and pleased in every way with this piece, Anubodh, and I want to thank you for your excellent work.  I am already dreaming up the next flute I will order from you... 


I received the flute today and I liked it very much. … It is amazing. Thanks and Regards,                         


Ja me llegó la Bansuri, es estupenda!... uf, voy a tener mucho trabajo para hacerla sonar. 

Raghu Kumar

I received the flute today, and could not believe how beautiful it sounds! Thank you so much. I really appreciate you taking the time and making the second flute for me, especially with everything you had going at the time. The first thing I noticed was the deep quality of the flute itself; it just looks so much more majestic than any other flute I have seen! The quality of the material, the touch and feel of it in my hands, the look, everything looks fantastic. The first thing I noticed when playing it was the wholesomeness of the sound. It just seemed to fill up the whole room with its rich sound! The two other flutes I have come up very short when compared to this flute's sound. The second thing I noticed was how much easier it was play the upper registry notes, especially everything above the upper Shadjam. I also find it extremely feasible to play the lower octave notes. Overall, the flute is simply fantastic, and could not have asked for anything better! 

Ganesh Athreyaa

The flute you made for me is excellent. Its a pleasure handling the instrument and it seems to get better and better. Like my spiritual Guru said, its not made of bamboo, but of sugarcane.. :D :D :D Please find some recordings in the following links from a concert I played with the flute. I have also attached an image of me in the concert.
Parakela http://rapidshare.com/files/103612082/03-Parakela_Nannu.mp3.html Yours musically  

Mandana Carmen Juon

The flute has safely arrived and it is a fine and beautiful instrument! I'm sure it will bring me many hours of joy and delight. Thank you for making it for me. Best wishes, 

Bryan G

The bansuri is outstanding, has beautiful tone. And now I know "what others are saying...", the feel and smoothness is incredible. The offset is an arrangement I hadn't seen before and it works for me. Thank you for working with me and answering my questions. I'm glad I have taken John W's advice to come to you for a quality instrument.                         


Your crafted bansuri is absolutely world class, I can proudly claim that I own one. It is amazing the way it sounds and looks; it is so much fun to play such meticulously crafted bansuri.


I got the bansuri! Thanks very much. I am very pleased with it. Has deep , clear sound... All the best to you.

Bhavesh Patel

Hey, I have recieved the Bansuri today Thanks. Its very nice, it looks cool and sounds amazing. I love it. I will definetly buy another1. Thanks.

Sara S

I received the bansuri today and am very pleased with it! I am a professional violinist, but I am a total beginner to bansuri. A friend let me borrow a bansuri for my first lesson, but already I can tell that this one is easier to play! I don't have to stretch nearly as much to reach Pa--the sixth hole. Thanks so much! 

Frederic M.
Finally I've got it (Shuddh Madhyam F)! Thank you very much for this beautiful flute. I appreciate a lot the special care you have taken in choosing this thin, light, slightly taper bamboo. And I can only praise the perfection of your craftsmanship. This bansuri has all the specification I expected, meaning it combines the advantage of wide bore and light weight bamboo (as I had requested). Furthermore, it is an enchanting instrument. As you know, it plays loud, clear, vibrates with a great sensitivity, and react even at the slightest blow. Thanks again
George Soutas

I just got the bansuri today it is a beautiful instrument and has a beautiful sound ... thank you very much and i will be looking forward to ordering another bansuri in the near future. Thank you for a beautiful flute.

Luis Domingos

 The exterior appearance of the flute clearly indicates that you're a perfectionist, but the sound is what makes it worth. It is sharp and clear in the range of 2 octaves and one note (I only got that far til now). I believe the neo feature enables a higher volume and it's really a pleasure to play it. Thanks a lot.                        


The bansuri is beautiful, and sounds great!  Thanks very much.  I'll be ordering another (a Bb) through your website soon.

Michael Shields,

Yes, I did receive the Bansuri and it is very nice. I would not hesitate to order from you again… Thank you! Namaste.

Talesh S.

I just wanted to tell you that my Guru absolutely loved the bansuri. Thank you so much for facilitating this for me on such short notice.
Thank you again. 

J. Majumdar

You are really amazing and have skill that cannot be compared. I got my Flutes yesterday perfectly on time, and almost sleeping with them. Especially the F# flute, for which I am speechless. Each of the flutes is tuned to perfection.