Promise of Quality

I build each of my flutes iwith individual attention. I hand-pick the best of prime-grade seasoned Indian bamboos and craft them to a beautiful body, perfect pitch and impeccable intonation, spending several days working on each bansuri. When you buy your Bansuri from me, you will get the very best from me. Every time. That is my promise. Repeat orders, cross-referrals & words of high praise from scores of very satisfied musicians are a testimony to this promise kept over and over. Check out what they are saying

Still, being a musician myself, I know it is hard to buy a Bansuri or any other musical instrument for that matter, without actually seeing it, hearing it, holding it, playing it...

Therefore, I offer a guarantee of quality. As unlikely as it may be, if you are unhappy with the quality of any of your purchases from me, let me know within 7 days of receiving it to obtain return authorization and then ship it back for replacement or a refund of the item price.

To my knowledge, such a guarantee is virtually unheard of in this field. I just ask that the buyer be reasonable in his/her expectations - a well made flute can help ratchet up your level of proficiency but is not of much consequence without the players commitment to practice to achieve it.

Large flutes demand larger stretch than smaller flutes, even if they are ergonomically made. Ordering a large flute without recognizing the learning curve it entails and only because you like low tones, is not a good idea. Please remember that you are buying directly from the instrument builder and in most case the flute is being built specially for you. Be especially sure when you order sizes larger than E bass (#6 in my catalog) as these are not common sizes and are hard to play for most people without adequate practice and right technique.

At the time of ordering, if you have any doubts as to which pitch will be suitable for your level of expertise, I encourage you to email me to make sure that you are ordering the right flute. I will happy to assist you.

Also, it is worth noting that bamboo is a natural material and is given to its natural imperfections/unique perfections. I very carefully select the bamboos for a balance of various qualities like maturity, straightness, and general aesthetic. However, my main selection criterion remains the promise of acoustic quality a bamboo holds. So a slight curvature, ovality, blemishes, scratches on the bamboo body should not be treated as a defect but a unique natural feature. Sound is my main concern and hopefully it is yours too.

Please note that if the reason for your return is other than quality of the instrument, e.g. flute too large/too small for you, wrong item ordered, don't need it anymore etc., I will charge 20% of item price as restocking fee which will be deducted from the refund amount.

In case of custom-built flutes with non-standard features, like custom tuning, unusual hole positioning/sizing etc., I fully stand by the quality of the product but do not provide refunds.

To and fro shipping, payment processing fees (in case of full or partial refund) and custom duties/taxes, in all cases, shall be borne by the purchaser.

Thank you for your attention.