About «B Bass Bansuri»

Approximate Size: 38 inches

 A very large and challenging to finger bansuri. Beautiful baritone voice with lots of transposition possibilities. Transpose Sa to Re (C#) and play Bhairavi with minimal half holing. Transpose to shuddh madhyam (E) and play Yaman to depict really low swaras, down to karaj Re and, in a 8-hole bansuri, even down to kharaj Sa.

Tonal Features

Perfect Complements

B Treble Bansuri : Two octaves above
B Medium Bansuri : An octave above

Tonal Information

SA : B
PA : F#
Lowest Note : F

Free Basic Customization

Paid Customization

You can customise your flute with the Free and Paid options above. If you are not sure about what options you should choose, just leave this section at the default choices. If you need suggestions about these, send me a note at the time of placing your order and I will be happy to advise.

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The images and length indicated are only for reference purposes. Color schemes and number of binding threads and actual length of the flute may be different from the ones shown above.